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Mobile internet⚓︎

In some countries, we can provide mobile internet for direct actions, events or climate camps.

We provide two different kinds of internet access points:

  • Fast and efficient: We feature unlimited data at modern speeds between 50 Mbit/s up to 250 Mbit/s.
  • Fully encrypted and secure: All traffic is being encrypted using TOR and made unidentifiable hence but at much, much lower speed of about 2 Mbit/s - 10 Mbit/s.

Even though most of our services are completely for free, we kindly ask for donations in case you use our mobile internet at an event.

You can estimate an amount for a donation by about EUR 10 - EUR 25 for providing equipment plus about EUR 1.50 - EUR 2.50 per day.

Of course, the price for mobile internet is solidary. In case this is too much for your camp, event or group, just get in touch and we can find a solution.

Please contact us by mail [PGP Key] to check whether you can use our mobile internet for your event.